Hi! I’m iris.

I work with small companies on big ideas.

With over 14 years working with ambitious, agile startups, I’m a multi-passionate hybrid who thrives on complex challenges and loves raising the bar on a project from research to release.

I excel at building highly intuitive, human-focused experiences with strong visual appeal, and I pay special attention to developing the underlying framework of a project via systems thinking, information architecture, and psychology.



UX & UI • Information Architecture • Wireframing • Rapid Prototyping • UI Testing
User Research Lite • User Stories • Project Management Lite
HTML • CSS • Responsive Web • Native & Custom Mobile • Basic Understanding of JavaScript Frameworks


Paper • Sketch • Abstract • InVision • Photoshop • Illustrator
Trello • Jira • ZenHub
Git • GitHub • Chrome Dev Tools • Atom / Sublime Text / etc

kind Words

Iris is one of those mythical unicorns that can figure out what problem the end user really has, work with them to confirm that alignment, work with the product and engineering teams to explore some possible solutions, run that through user testing, and then actually go build that thing. I'm a huge fan. She can really get into the end user's shoes to find problems & solutions, and can also dynamically adapt to changing context. Fantastic team member, bloody hard worker, and produces great results.

Pete Mannix

Pete Mannix
Sr. Engineering Manager at Groupon

Iris's insatiable quest to fully understand and serve her users is remarkable. Her gifts are countless, spanning from deep empathy for peers and users alike to elevating our processes with Scrum and testing, ideation and wireframes to writing fully functional code. She pursued a depth that I've never witnessed in other designers, putting disparate pieces of data together to form compelling narratives and experiences. She's perpetually seeking innovation in herself and the products she shapes.

Bill Tinney

Bill Tinney
Director of Product Development

Iris is passionate about customer’s experience! She is very thorough and thoughtful. During our projects, she really pushed herself and all of us to dig deeper for providing the best information and design to help our clients thrive. Iris was a major contributor in helping us convey complex scientific information to our clients and key to the successful completion of many projects.

Isabelle Lucas-Beckett

Isabelle Lucas-Beckett, PhD
Translational Geneticist

At Arivale, the mission relied on design that would engage users and deeply connect to their wellness aspirations. Iris was perfect for that mission because she leads with empathy for her users. She constantly strived to improve our understanding of our users and always made sure we clearly defined what each design/product was meant to accomplish. I hope I get to work with her again in the future!

Chris Cast

Chris Cast, Product Design Lead

Iris embodies an experienced design thinker. She leads with empathy; brings discipline to defining solutions; collaborates extensively on ideation; grounds teams with prototypes on paper or in pixels; and enthusiastically tests her work with real-world customers.

Ashley Wells

Ashley Wells, Product Executive

Iris sees the big picture. She uses her experience in product thinking to set the stage for solving complex challenges, diving deep into researching customer needs first. Her impact stretches beyond the release of the product; she is passionate about spreading human-centered design principles throughout our organization, internally. She is a true leader in the UX space. 

Kevin Gangi

Kevin Gangi, Sr Product Designer


behind the designer


My passion and ambition extend to a variety of outlets outside of the tech world, and my experience in each contributes something unique to my value.



Performing as a songwriter and vocalist has taught me so much about facing discomfort, being radically authentic, and creating transformative experiences.


Live Louder

I’m trained as a life coach, and my ability to listen actively, ask powerful questions, and nourish empowered mindsets is an asset to any team.


I provide a variety of creative and operational contributions to Kaala, a project is further honing my business and marketing skills in Seattle and Japan.